Registering Your Child(ren) to Attend PRSD

The Pearl River School District provides educational opportunities to resident children between the ages of
5 and 21 years of age without payment of tuition.  Parents and/or legal guardians will be required to
establish residency through physical presence as an inhabitant of the school district and intent to
reside in the district
.  Two proofs of residency, as noted below, will be required for registration and enrollment. 
In addition, the district may require proof of parental relationship or proof that the child resides with the
parent(s)/guardian(s).  At the time of registration/enrollment proof of age and immunizations, as noted below,
will also be required. 

Please note: Out of district residents are not accepted on a tuition basis.

Changes in address for enrolled students, must be reported with documentation to the building administrator within
five (5) business days of the change of address.  Residency determination may be reviewed at any time by the
Board of Education designated residency officer.

General Registration Information
(For information on Kindergarten registration for 2016-17, see next section below.)

Several years ago, the District began a central registration process for new enrollees.  Registration for students 

takes place in the Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, located in the District Administration Building at 135 West Crooked Hill Road. The office is open between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.,
Monday through Friday.

Parents/guardians should register their child(ren) in person. The following documents are required for registration:
- Birth certificate with raised seal or other official documentation providing proof of birth
- Immunization record
- Two proofs of residence within the Pearl River School District 
(Acceptable proofs of residence
include current utility bill or other bills sent to the student's home address, recent pay stub, income tax form,
deed or lease to house or apartment, voter registration document or a state or other government issued ID.)

Once the required registration documents have been completed and verified, students will be assigned to the appropriate grade and building.  Students enrolled at the middle and high school will be referred to the appropriate guidance counselors and building administrators.  Students enrolling at the elementary level (K-4), will be assigned
to a building based on current grade level enrollment at each elementary school and/or need for any special programming.  This process enables the District to maintain equitable class sizes and consistent programming across
the three elementary schools. 

Central registration takes place on a rolling basis during the school year, September through June.  Students enrolling in the spring (K-4) for the new school year will be notified of the elementary building placement in late July or early August.

For questions or additional information, call 845-620-3913.

Kindergarten Registration and Screening for 2017-18

The Pearl River School District held a registration and screening for incoming kindergartners for September 2017 in early March.  If you missed this registration process, please register your child as soon as possible.

Children must be five years old on or before December 1, 2017 to be eligible for admission to kindergarten in September 2017.  A birth certificate with raised seal or other official documentation providing date of birth, a record of immunizations, and two (2) proofs of residence within Pearl River School District are required at registration.  (Acceptable proofs of residence include current utility bill or other bills sent to the student's home address, recent pay stub, income tax form, deed or lease to house or apartment, voter registration document or a state or other government issued ID.)

In order to plan and provide for all new students, it is especially important that the district identify all children expected
to enroll in September.  Pearl River's three (3) elementary schools - Evans Park Elementary School, Franklin Avenue Elementary School, and Lincoln Avenue Elementary School - accommodate students in grades kindergarten through
four (4).  Enrollment is assigned across all three schools.  While geographic boundaries serve as a general guideline,
school assignment will depend on class size and special education and ENL programming.  Families will be notified regarding building assignment in the summer. 

Please note: Out of district residents are not accepted on a tuition basis.